Monday, March 14, 2011

Case of the Mondays: MIA

Workout: Does a brisk 15 min walk count?
Calories: 2100

See, big girl shoes!

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Mine was wearing "big-girl" shoes on the first day of spring break. Ignore the jeans, please.

"Big-girl" shoes=professional

It's a fact!

As you may have guessed, I've been MIA. The culprit: my bebe's first ear infection!

I felt her warm chubby cheeks against mine on Saturday, and I knew something was up. I probably overreacted by calling the doctor, but to me it's better to be safe than sorry in those situations. Since then, I've probably taken her temperature 50+ times and no, I don't consider that neurotic at all. After all, my hubby is following close behind at 40+.

Once again, no sleep = no workouts and really I'm ok with that. I much rather preferred being close to Brielle and making sure all her needs were met. Thank goodness she is doing much, much better. I can almost relax, almost!

You know, it’s funny how much I use sugar as a crutch. All weekend long all I wanted (when I wasn’t checking her temperature) was some nice, sugary comfort food. It was hard not diving in to the remaining bag of chocolate chips, but I just had to buckle down, breathe and say a little prayer that everything would be alright.

You see, the problem wasn’t the sugar, the problem is me and how I use it to deal with any stressful situations. This weekend was uncomfortable in so many ways, but we managed to get through it. We are truly blessed and sugar need not be involved, I say!

Be gone, sugar! You’re nothing but a frenemie!!

On the other front, it is time to get back on that exercise wagon. This week I’m planning two runs & two yoga sessions. Let’s see how it goes :)

How do you all handle stressful situations?

Here’s to hopin’ you have a wonderful week :)



Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay for big girl shoes! I wore sneakers to work yesterday :/

When I'm stressed, I too fight the urge to sugar load. It took all I could not to hit the vending machine or go get a large Blizzard yesterday when I was in a fit. I ate a mini snickers and a TCBY cone. That's better ... right?