Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work It Out Wednesdays!

Workout: Is wearing heels all day long considered a workout?

Calories: 1900

So what do I do on a work it out Wednesday? Absolutely nothing :(

Woe me, it was another sleepless night. Brielle woke up at 2 then around 4:30ish. It’s much easier to say NO to a workout after a second night of no sleep. I know, I’m a wimp but sometimes that extra hour really is a godsend.

I do find that when I don’t work out in the AM, I’m much more careful on the diet front. Do you guys do that too?

I did get what I consider a workout of a different kind, the heel-wearing kind. As some of you may know, I’m trying to dress more “professionally” or “girly” at work because I’ve been told they were thinking of nominating me for What Not to Wear. Apparently, dressing like a middle-school teeny bopper is frowned upon at this establishment. Who would have thought?

Enter this outfit:

Baby steps people, I know they’re cargo pants but at least no Nike’s made the cut today. Those heels, however, talk about a calf workout!

I felt all cool, sitting in meetings and at my desk. It would have been awesome if I had one of those Cleopatra beds to carry me everywhere, but I actually had to walk.

Anytime I walked anywhere, all I kept thinking was:

“Mesa Ja Ja Binks… Mesa needs help walking in heels”

Yes, I AM that awkward! At least I wasn’t sporting the whole braids look. Fergie?








I had planned a yoga session today, but missed it. When you miss a workout, do you go on with your workout plan for the week or do shift everything over? I’m not sure if I should do the yoga tomorrow, then run on Friday?

Decisions, decisions? Mesa no like makin decisions.



Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Heels are definitely a workout! And way to work that outfit - super cute!