Friday, March 4, 2011

Foodie Friday

Workout: None (4 days in a row – boo me)

Calories: 2000

Pure genius:








This way, you can grab your coffee, a donut then a second one with your spare hand. Again, pure genius :)

I know, I should just call this blog me vs. the sleep deprivation. It’s been that bad making this one of the longest weeks EVER. The sleep deprivation has hit a new low, I was up from 2:30-5:10 this morning. I gotta say, Brielle has an uncanny sense of timing, manages to fall asleep mere minutes from my alarm ringing. Pure talent!

The hardest part of this whole situation is learning to have patience. Yes, I may not be able to accomplish my workout goals like I planned but it won’t be forever. That’s a tough lesson to learn. Instead, I can focus my attention on the nutrition front and just be happy when I get the chance to work it out!

On a positive note, one of my friends at work complimented me today by telling me she could tell I lost some weight. God bless her! And no, I didn’t have to bribe her or anything.

At least, today is Friday :) I had a good chile relleno breakfast awaiting me at work – compliments of my Mama. Abacus, aka Pancho, aka the fastest mouth in the west managed to nab one a couple of days ago. Pure sneakiness, my Mama even had to question whether she had finished it or not.
Lunch was a simple romaine salad with broccoli slaw (awesome), tuna and red pears tossed with some rice vinegar. So good!
Picked up some ribs and mac ‘n cheese from Sam’s after work. I was seeking redemption after ruining the last batch of mac ‘n cheese. Yes, I managed to ruin mac ‘n cheese – no mocking allowed. Note to the wise: if you’re going for creaminess – don’t add ricotta cheese. Yuck!

For dessert, I made one of the “fancified breakfast bakes” in the microwave last night and had the leftovers with some PB on the side. This girl Ashley is pure genius! If you haven’t tried making one of these, get in that kitchen and start a bakin’. You’ll thank her later :)

I need some sleepies, stat!

A Dios and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)