Friday, March 11, 2011

Natter Natter Natter

Workout:30 min. Hatha Core Strengthening Yoga
Calories: 2000

Hubster:Why are you defending him?
Me: I'm not defending him, I just don't think he [Diddy] is the worst role model out there.
Hubster: Just look at his "friends".
Me: Hey man, for not being one of the most talented rappers he's built his own little empire pretty well.
lots of relationship talk that needed to be said
so nice we had this talk
txt msg from him: Rude. Discourteous or impolite in a deliberate way.
txt msg from me: Merriam-Webster. Lacking refinement or delicacy.

To say it was an interesting chat session would be an understatement! I just think it's funny how we can start having a conversation about a rapper and then end with our different definitions of what rude is. Go figure?

Yes, he is from Mars and I am from the lovely Venus. We're just two aliens trying to make it work and having these natter sessions (specially after having a baby) is very much required, IMO. We need a translator app, or something.

For the most part, we've noticed that our disagreements really boil down to having two different definitions or views of the subject and we somehow need to make the other see our side of it. Sometimes easy, sometimes we should get a Nobel peace price for our efforts!

How do you all handle disagreements?

For days like this, I'm so glad I at least got those 30 minutes of yoga in the AM! Brielle woke up during the middle of the session so I didn't get to finish, but I'll take 30 minutes over nothin!

I also took Kimberly's recommendation and made a grilled banana/wild rice mash-up for my "dessert". I took pics, but they're on my other PC so you'll just have to imagine the yummy goodness in all it's glory.

On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Japan & Hawaii.

Off to work!