Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Setup!

Workout: 40 min walk with the doggies

Calories: 2300

Reunion 056

So this is us, partying up this weekend, don’t ask me what’s going on with my hair cause your guess is as good as mine.

We’ve gone to three different dinners/parties since Friday. I could say I’m exhausted, but I’m not. I think I took a sort of mini-vacation from the whole exercise thing and chose to sleep-in since Thursday so I’m feeling pretty rested.

I think sometimes everything just builds up and it’s good to step away and let your mind/body rest. Plus, I had been having bad lower back pain again and I wanted to take it easy. It was just what I needed :)

Do you guys take exercise vacations? Aren’t they great?

I think they totally are, plus they get me all ready to jump back on to that exercise wagon!

As we were walking today, I started talking to Richard about my exercise schedule. I was all confused about whether I should run three times, how do I get two yoga sessions in, how do I get 2 weight sessions in? Yada, yada, yada… All these thoughts going through my mind.

I’ve bee known to do this, then I realized “you know, I’m not planning the workouts for the rest of my life!” I need to learn how to edit myself, after all, these are just workouts for this week. I can choose to mix it up as much as I want and just set up a plan every week. Hence, Sunday Setup. Clever, huh?

So here is the plan for this week:

Day Plan
Monday 45 min circuit weights
Tuesday Yoga
Wednesday 40 min run (intervals)
Thursday 45 min circuit weights
Friday Yoga
Saturday 50 min run
Sunday 40 min walk doggies

I know it’s low on the running, but I think I really need to focus on strength training & stretching right now. My lower back really needs it.

I plan on posting the actual workouts on the workout log to hold myself accountable each week. It’s a good start, I think.

How about you bloggies, how do you setup your workout routines? Any tips?

Also, I just had to post this pic we took at out at dinner #2, I caught my baby laughing with her Great-Granmommy!

Reunion 069

Doesn’t she look adorable? My mom actually made that little headband too, so talented!

Here’s to hopin’ you have a wonderful week!