Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are looks this important at work?

Currently, I'm working as a database programmer which is a field predominantly dominated by men. For the most part, my experiences have been very positive and people in general have been nice to me. However, I didn't realize looks where THIS important!

My first job after graduation was at ExxonMobil, I know, one of the big evil oil companies. It was actually a really good company to work for. It provided great benefits and promoted a good work/life balance that is a rare find in the programming arena.

When I first got there, I started to realize they made it a point to have a very diverse work staff. I thought that was kind of neat. As the time passed, however, I noticed that they started reorganizing the departments in a way that wasn't so neat.

More specifically, the application support department was almost all girls. All very pretty girls, too. I actually can't remember one guy being in that group at the time I left. The software development departments, on the other hand, was almost all guys. All pretty good-looking guys as well! I'm sure the managers would have worked with me, but I could already tell that as a girl, you'd have to work double time to prove yourself as a programmer.

As I've worked at other companies, I've noticed some of the same patterns emerge everywhere I go. On a good note, I have seen that once you do prove your skill set as a programmer, you tend to get more positive acknowledgments from managers and team members.

Has anyone else experienced this at work?

Also, as far as the dress code is concerned, I'm just glad I don't have to wear heels, or anything of the sort in my current department. In fact, my pregnancy summer uniform consists of some cargo capris, comfy blouses and Birkenstock sandals! I can't say I'd give that up for the chance that I'd move up the ladder faster.


We don't have a grill, so I tried our MAXI-BROIL setting to make these Texas Toast burgers! I love my oven, but I wish we had a grill so that Richard could make these instead of me.

With the Texas Toast, my burger looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. I had to keep the lettuce to the side.

I also nuked some sweet potatoes and added a little smart balance & brown sugar. Not a lot, though, just a dash. I also only ended up eating half of the potato. I think I know what I'm having for my snack tomorrow, woo-hoo!

Here's Abacus intrigued by the burger scent. Ain't he cute.


Sweet Grapes, yummy!

Any Reading?

As soon as I finish posting! Although, I said that last night and got side-tracked by paying our bills.

Bills, booooooo!!!

I'm also going to try to go to sleep earlier tonight, lets see how good I am???