Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Gonna Pump You Up


I before my weight session at the gym.

Today I woke up, had my cup of yogurt with some pineapple and went to the gym to pump some iron, "I'm gonna pump you up!" I had a 5 minute warm up then I did 4 different mega sets. Each mega set consisted of performing 2 sets of 4 different exercises in a row without any breaks.

The routine was a mix that I got from this awesome book, The Body Sculpting Bible for Women and a Full Body Circuit Workout.

I mix and matched from the two, and since I'm preggers I cut back on the amount I'm lifting. I'm 35-36 weeks a long and I got to say that swimming and lifting weights has been a God send. I have no clue how on the skits I'd be if I didn't get to work off some stress at the gym!

When I got to work, I had the rest of my breakfast. I love Toasted Oatmeal Squares, oh so yummy! However, I had that around 8:30 and then around 12 I felt like I needed some "food in my belly," PRONTO! I don't know how to describe it, it almost feels like my hands are about to start shaking. I'm thinking I either need to add more protein to my cereal breakfasts, or I need to eat lunch a bit earlier.


Lunch was yummy and healthy too! I love leftovers, plain and simple :)


I used to try to do the smaller meals 6 times a day. However, those smaller meals kept getting bigger and bigger and my portions were out of control. Sometimes I would eat, just to eat or because I thought I might get hungry later.

Snacks, like the one above, are my way to get those portions under control. They're quick, simple and yet really satisfying. I didn't even need to add any jelly to the sandwich, it was still yummy :)


After work today, I went to go pick up a frame we got for the nursery so I decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I came home and made a simple "Calabacitas" side dish, which is basically squash, tomatoes, onions and corn in a light chicken broth. It's one of my favorite side dishes to make and it's done in 15 minutes.


For dessert, I had a mango and it was AWESOME!

It's hard to believe, but with the extended 9/80 schedule that I follow I don't get to sit and relax until 8:30 or so. By the time I get home from work, cook, clean the kitchen and walk the doggies I'm pretty tired. I guess that's why the evil online Mah-jongg calls my name, and I willingly answer. It's the summer after all and not much is going on in the TV department. Last night, Richard resorted to watching "America's Got Talent." TV things get bad during the summer.

Of course, I should be the one to smack talk about TV! Me, the queen of all "reality" TV shows! I'm buddies with the Real Housewives and the girls from the Hills & the City. I know, it's "crack TV" at it's finest - but I don't know how to quit. Someone help!

Any Reading?

Well, at least the blog is helping me, somewhat. Last night I actually read a chapter on labor from this book that the insurance company sent me. Labor is SCARY!

I also read a couple of chapters of the knitting group book. It's a quick and easy read about a group of women who start becoming friends through a learn-to-knit group. It makes me miss my girlie friends who live all through the US. I wish I got to see them more often. I also wish I had one of those groups here in town!