Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love the Way You Lie

I can get a little obsessive compulsive about things I like. Take today, I think I'm on count #10 of listening to Eminem's & Rhianna's "I Love the Way You Lie." I also don't have any plans to take it off the repeat setting.

It's a really catchy tune and I was actually shocked that I heard it on an EP radio station yesterday. They usually don't start playing new songs until they've been hits for a month or so. Good job 102.1, good job!

This song doesn't apply to me, my husband is the closest thing to living with Honest Abe.

However, the big difference between Honest Abe & my hubby is that there is NO hesitation on my hubby's part. Gotta love him, because at least I know he's telling it like it is!


As usual, I had my strawberry smoothie for my pre-swim workout. Again, I don't know what I'd do without swimming at this point in the pregnancy. My hips hurt so much anytime I walk. I don't know how people like the lady from TLC can have 19 babies. How do their bodies handle it?

I made the steel-cut oats last night, and almost managed to burn them again. Oh Cynthia, where is your mind these days?

Today was pot-luck breakfast at work day, but they forgot and had to rush to go grab something. I was hungry so I had half of the oats, and then I hadsome of the yummy Barbacoa that finally made it to work!

Hope everyone's having a great sun-shiny day!