Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Loosing My Mind - or Just My Purse!

I don't know what is wrong with me, I think I'm loosing my mind. Today was supposed to be a fun day, but instead I feel horrible because I lost my purse.



We went back to Bowie Bakery this morning to try out their breakfast burritos. I had the bean & cheese and it was yummy because it had muenster cheese.

I had a small coffee and half of this bad boy. It's not really a croissant, it's called a "Cuernito" (horn) in Spanish and it was filled with some pineapple filling. This is the perfect treat for dunking into your coffee/milk.

Oh so good.

The day would take a turn for the worse, though. We went to Wal-Mart, which is about 5 minutes away. That's when I noticed I had forgotten my purse at the bakery. So I rushed back. It couldn't have been more than 10-15 minutes, but by the time I got there, the purse was gone and no one had turned it in.

The lady that was sitting next to us was still there and she said she saw a little boy walk past her carrying a white purse, trailing behind his family. They had just left, too.

I just don't understand why'd they have to take it, or why they haven't returned it???

Luckily, I wasn't carrying any cash or my phone and I left my Nook & planner at home.

Although 2 baby gift cards have gone bye-bye plus the redbox dvd that we rented yesterday. The one day I remember to bring the dvd with me, is the one day it gets stolen!!! Redbox apparently waits 25 days until they charge you $25. They won't let you buy it until then.

I spent the rest of the day canceling cards, ordering new cards and just feeling bummed at myself. I just can't seem to learn not to loose stuff. I do this all the time!!!

Any tips of how to avoid it would be greatly appreciated :)


I just had some cereal for lunch. I wanted something sweet and comforting with the day I was having, Apple Jacks hit the spot.


I had some carrots, but am sad to say the Chinese cucumber didn't last all week. I was trying to get some veggies in.

We didn't feel like going out for dinner, either. I was tired and still a little bummed. We ordered an order of chicken lo-mein and I had about a third of it. I also had two yummy egg-rolls and a Honeydew tapioca drink.


I may have some ice cream, I may not. I'll just have to see how I'm feeling. Or, I may go for making the ultimate comfort food, rice pudding!

Just thinking about making a batch is making me feel better :)

Did I read?

I'm going to try, but I'm not promising anything. I'm still tired and I know, I'm a bummer today.

I just have to remember, tomorrow is another day :)