Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sit Bobo Sit - I need to check the calories of ...

You guys have to check this little guy out because he does Doggie Tricks Online!  I just want to take him home with me!!!  Let's see how many tricks you can get him to do!!!

As you all know, I'm a big calorie counter, well maybe calorie estimator.  I tend to do a lot of mental rounding of the food I consume.  I'm not looking for specifics, just an overall idea of how many calories something has. I know there's tons of calorie sites online, but if you're looking for a pretty fast and nifty one try I like their interface, it's so simple and fast too.


So yes, I know I'm boring, but I just love edamame as a snack. I'm an edadame fanatic I tell ya! It really fills me up, has tons of protein & fiber and it's so tasty. Plus, its a snack that's cube-approved! Meaning, none of my cube mates would complain because it's not a noisy snack nor does it stink up the joint!!!