Friday, July 16, 2010

A Breech Baby?


What can I say, today was one of those strange days!

We got up early to go walk the doggies, and it was beautiful outside. At 6:30 in the morning it was quite warm outside so I was happy it was semi cloudy. We came back, got ready, had my cereal and made my iced coffee (no sugar) and were out the door in no time and on our way to our baby doctor's appointment.

We always try to be the first ones there, because otherwise, we have no clue when we'll be out of there. To our dismay, someone else beat us there this morning. We were second, though, not too shabby. Then this other girl walks in and sits closer to the door then me. See, we're all waiting in the lobby until they open the door to let us in and it's always first-come first-serve.

After my hubby walked in, he decided to make one of his infamous loud comments and basically said the girl was gonna beat us to the sign-in sheet. I know she heard him, I was so embarrassed! I just looked at him and said I didn't think that was the case, but wouldn't you know it, I was WRONG!!! She actually tried to sign-up before me, but the girl who came in first looked at her weirdly and I spoke up and said we were there second.

I know it's silly, but I couldn't believe it!

As it turned out, we ended up being seen first. Our little baby girl was hiding this morning, and I was surprised when the doctor found her heartbeat above my belly button. She sounded good though, but the heartbeat has always been below the button in the past.

Out of curiosity, I asked our doctor how to tell where the baby's head was. She started looking, but couldn't find it. She then moved us to the sonogram room and
proceeded to look for her. She just got the machine a couple of weeks ago, so she was playing with all the controls and it made me a little nervous, I got to say. Turns out, at 35 weeks, she's breech - her little baby bum is facing down.

The doctor still thinks she has plenty of time to move, so I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm just going to keep on swimming and hope and pray for the best!

The rest of the day was kind of colored by this new revelation. I now have to read up on c-sections because I know nothing about them!

We ended up finally picking up the mirror for the baby's room, it only took close to 2 years to replace it since it broke during one of our moves many moons ago.


For lunch, I split half a yummy milanesa torta with my hubby, along with some veggies & grapes. I researched some stuff online and took a little nap, enough to work up an appetite for my dose of PB Choco goodness. I probably shouldn't have had it, but I just needed that Sugar today! Oh the power of comfort food!



For dinner, I wasn't really hungry so I ended up having a chicken taco at Taco Tote and a little bit of the potato. You'll be seeing the rest sometime tomorrow, I'm sure, because I do love me some POTATOES!!!


McD's called our names, and we just couldn't say no. It's the power of that comfort food, I tell ya, it always brings a smile to my face.

We then picked up "The Bounty Hunter" and we were both pleasantly surprised. It was quite the cute rom-com, so check it out sometime!

Any Reading?

None :( I think I read a couple of pages while waiting at the doctor's, but very pitiful I must say!