Sunday, July 18, 2010

Errands & Emotions - A Dangerous Combo


I work up in a better mood, knowing that we were planning on a Corner Bakery trip this morning. I had the usual yogurt & berries, but I forgot to take a picture. Sorry! I did manage to take one of this flaky, breakfast sandwich croissant with some skillet style potatoes. I only ate half of the sandwich and gave the rest to my hubby. It was good, but the potatoes were a little oilier than I remember.

No complaints about this scrumptious lemon cake, however, don't you just want to take a bite right out of it! Hubby and I decided to split this tasty treat and I had it with some hazelnut coffee.


For lunch, the potato made it's triumphant return. Along with some frozen veggies, sour cream and edamame for extra protein. It was quite the satisfying treat. The nectarine was good too, and here's a picture of my sweety-pie looking to score a taste of it.

After running errands, I think the emotions got to me and we ended up having a heart-to-heart without any food in our bellies. The conversation went longer than expected, but it was a really good one so it was worth it in the end.


When we finally got on our way to dinner, we decided on chinese food. We're both on a health kick so we decided to have an appetizer and split an entree. We also love this place because they make a mean tapioca drink. I love their mango tapioca drink, but I decided to be adventorous and go for the honeydew instead. It almost tasted like ice cream.

For our entree, we had the chicken chop suey. It was really good, I only had about a fourth of it - they give us so much food at that place. We even had leftovers.

We ended up getting a movie, hubby actually agreed to watch "Julie & Julia." Let me just tell you, I love Merryl Streep. She's got to be one of the most talented actresses and brings something really special to all the roles that she plays.

I would definitely recommend this movie, and it definitely me inspired to keep on writing. I know I'm no Julie, but boy did I forget how much I love to write!

Any Reading?

I feel terrible about it, there was just NO time!!!