Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Burritos Strike Again!


I got up later than I wanted too, again, and wasn't out of the house until 6:35. Boooo!!!

I made a strawberry smoothie for my pre-workout snack, oh so strawberriciously yummy! I also made the infamous breakfast burritos for me and my hubby, with eggs, ham, cheese and spinach on a whole-wheat tortilla. It took me a while to get used to these tortillas, but I found a brand I really like. I'll post the picture later.

The peach & the coffee were really good too. Ahh, coffee - my bestest friend in the mornings!

I have no idea why I can't get up in the morning! Ok, well I do, it's because I'm tired and I refuse to go to bed earlier than 11pm. I mean, I know that by the time I wind down, I probably don't go to sleep until 11:20-11:30 at the best. Then that means less than 7 hours of total sleep. Arghhhh, at myself!

I should know better, but this is one of the Sugars that I have to battle with and I will try again tonight :)

I still made it to the gym, though. I had enough time for a 5 minute workout and 30 minute weight session. I can feel people looking at the baby belly, and probably thinking, "What is she doing?" I just power through though, I know it's good for me and for the baby. Plus, I'm not lifting any heavy weights, I make sure to stay hydrated and I try to really listen to my body.